Collect video testimonials that make an impact

VideoAsk makes it easy for your customers to talk about their experience, and easy for you to get testimonials that build trust with prospects.

Bolster your credibility with proof, not promise

Give prospects another reason to trust you. Video customer testimonials are a powerful yet candid way of showcasing and endorsing your business.

User-friendly and easy to share with customers

Make your videoask and send it to your customers in an email, or with a link. Customers can reply with video, audio, and text in just a few clicks—getting you more testimonials.

Effortlessly sort through responses

Find the right quote in a matter of seconds. VideoAsk transcribes your testimonials so you can easily search and find the content you’re looking for.

Download all your customers’ responses

Put testimonials to use in your marketing campaigns. VideoAsk lets you download the original video .mp4 files or add them to Dropbox.

Make a great first impression with video testimonials

Testimonials with a human touch

Get more thoughtful responses and a better testimonial. Guide your customers through the process by asking one question at a time.

Your data, all in one place

Downloadable videos

Consent in one step

Justin uses VideoAsk to collect video testimonials

Proof based marketing converts better than promised based marketing, and the best way to get proof is by showcasing your customers’ stories. VideoAsk makes the process of collecting their stories easy.

Justin — Video Expert & Founder @ ClickGoLive